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  • Both the TravelScoot Deluxe and the TravelScoot Shopper mobility scooters are available in the Junior Size

  • There is minimal weight difference for the Junior version of each, as the reduced size is based on a shortening of tubing

  • Because of its extreme light weight and adjustable speed, the TravelScoot Shopper Junior is well-suited for mobility-impaired youth and children. The Shopper’s top speed can be programmed to 50% walking speed, allowing the supervising adult to remain in constant control

  • The Junior is designed for people 140-150cm in height and proportionate weight.

  • Junior TravelScoot is recommended for walking disabled children from 6yrs of age.

  • Since the Junior riders are by definition light-weight, they can expect a longer battery range per charge

  • The scooter frame is made from high-strength 7075 Aluminium (Aircraft Grade)

  • Lightweight, folding, portable mobility scooters

Additional Information

With both of these folding mobility scooters, there is room for personal items beneath the seat. The folding basket can be mounted in the front or the rear, just like on the other TravelScoot models.

For people with Achondroplasia we recommend our lowest seat configuration. The rider will be able to reach the handlebar and footrests comfortably.


Deluxe Junior

158W Li-ion

or 274W Li-ion 

Charger and charging: 100 to 240 Volts ;   Li-ion: 1.6 Ah, 8 hours


6 kph max. 


TravelScoot Delux:

200 Watts

TravelScoot Shopper:


Junior-Size TravelScoot

Unfolded:86x51x from 61 to 89cm

Folded With Front Wheel 97 x 38x 25cm

Folded Without Front Wheel  78 x 38 x 25cm