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  • The TravelScoot Deluxe weighs 15kg including the 274W battery and 12kg when folded (with the battery removed)

  • Mobility scooter distance range approx 20km

  • Puncture proof tyres and independent brakes on each wheel for your safety

  • Maximum speed is 8kmp/h 

  • The TravelScoot Deluxe comes equipped with a  274W lithium-ion Panasonic TravelScoot battery

  • The Maximum load capacity is 140kg

  • Carrying bag for travel and canvas caddy for lighter loads included

  • Built-in cane/crutches Holder

  • Handlebar and seating position height-adjustable

  • The scooter frame is made from high-strength 7075 Aluminium (Aircraft Grade)

  • TravelScoot mobility scooters are airline approved scooters 

  • Ideal for travel - a lightweight folding mobility scooter

Additional Information

Mobility scooter distance range depends on battery type, load, riding style and terrain. Lighter riders can expect longer distances, heavier riders, shorter distances.


Charger and charging: 100 to 240 Volts ;   Li-ion: 1.6 Ah,

8 hours,



200 Watts


8km p/h max.   Recommended load range is max 140 kg

Full-Size TravelScoot


Width 600mm

Length: 940mm

Height to seat: 550-600mm


Folded with Front Wheel

970 x 380 x 250mm

Folded without Front Wheel  780 x 380 x 250mm


Travelscoot Deluxe