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Three different TravelScoot batteries are available, and each can be removed and installed in seconds.

The Deluxe version of the TravelScoot come with the Airline approved lithium-ion 274W battery (1.8kg)

The 151W lithium-ion battery (1.3kg) is designed for the TravelScoot Shopper, but can be used as the primary or back-up battery in all TravelScoot models.

The 420W Lead battery (2.5kg) provide the best distance but is heavy and not permitted for air travel.

There is an optional spare battery available to extend the range of your scooter. This fits neatly on top of the existing battery so is easily to hand when you need it.


Charger and charging: 100 to 240 Volts ;  

Li-ion: 1.6 Ah, 8 hours,

158W / 274W


Lead Battery 420W