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Take It Easy, Take the Train - With Your TravelScoot

With TransPerth offering 1000 train services per week, and free travel with a Pensioner SmartRider or a WA Seniors card, why not take a break from driving and use the train?

With many special events happening throughout the year, Transperth is the easy, simple way to attend festivals,sporting fixtures, concerts and other events.

Most train station have a car park, and offer accessibility parking for free. Facilities at the stations generally include toilets, drinking fountains, lifts and ticketing information boxes.

All trains have clearly marked spaces for wheelchairs and mobility scooters near the doors.

The TravelScoot fits well within the TransPerth mobility aid Dimension, Stability and Manoeuvrability specifications, making your journey and easy one.

Photo by xiquinhosilva Flickr

For Transperth essential details regarding mobility aids, visit https://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/using-transperth/taking-items-on-board/mobility-aids