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Evolution Of The TravelScoot 2004-2019

2004 - After a year in development, the TravelScoot rapidly gains popularity in the USA.

2006 - TravelScoot introduces the second generation, featuring wider rear wheels and a significant load increase.

2007 - The lithium-ion battery reduces the already-low weight by another 30% while increasing the range by 40%.

2008 - Our first accessory, the folding basket for front and/or rear, is introduced.

2009 - TravelScoot now offers the travel set for air travel, and the TravelScoot Junior for smaller riders.

2010 - TravelScoot launches international distributorships, now including Europe, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, South America and Turkey.

2011 - TravelScoot introduces its trailer.

2012-2013 - TravelScoot completes the development of the 3rd generation, featuring a reversing rim motor.

2013 - The TravelScoot Shopper provides yet another significant weight reduction. Conversions for walking-disabled children and very small-statured riders are now available.

2013 - Several additional useful accessories are being developed and introduced.

2014 - Sees the development of a new convertible trailer, for carrying cargo as well as passengers, along with a two-wheeled standing scooter utilizing the rim motor.

2015 - Brings a raised battery holder for people who can no longer bend down easily.

2016 - Development of a seat suspension for the scooter, a relief on cobblestones!

2017 - The useful and practical cruise set with tray, folding basket and door stopper.

2018 - A very productive year! Three useful accessories have been developed:

1/ Standing trailer for the non-handicapped accompanying person, 2/Portable curb ramp for small obstacles, which can be laid and resumed without standing up. 3/Wider front wheel with fork: for better riding comfort on uneven surfaces