MobiliseYOU TravelScoot Distributor

Our Story

Offering continued independence and quality of life to our clients is our passion. Whether it’s going shopping, enjoying overseas holidays, attending family outings, or traveling to watch your favorite sport, we want you to have the Freedom To Go to the places you want go and do the things you need to or want to do.

After researching the numerous mobility scooters on the market, MobiliseYOU chose to become a TravelScoot distributor as this scooter proved to be the most lightweight and portable and the least cumbersome Mobility Scooter on the market.

We offer a mobile service in the Perth-Mandurah area, where we bring the mobility scooters out to you to allow you to test ride on different terrain and practice folding, lifting and packing  into your car boot.

We meet with Occupational Therapists, NDIS Plan Managers, clients and carers. We provide a personal, friendly service are here to help with any mobility scooter queries you may have. 

MobiliseYOU is an Australian owned and operated family business based in Perth and the distributor for the TravelScoot electric mobility scooter in Western Australia.


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