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TravelScoot Distributor for Perth and WA 

The TravelScoot is an ultra lightweight portable folding mobility scooter. 

Easy to lift in and out of your car, take on a train, aeroplane or cruise-ship.  Perfect for travel and everyday use.

Airline approved, with long range battery.

Take it anywhere, anytime and take part in life with your family and friends.


At only 12-15kg, the TravelScoot is by far the lightest and most compact electric mobility scooter. It’s the ideal scooter for anyone whose mobility is impaired or reduced, but is otherwise in fairly good shape. 

This lightweight collapsible mobility scooter has been designed specifically to be as portable as possible. It is comfortable to ride and simple to operate - the absolute travel mobility scooter !

Fold down and set up of this travel scooter takes less than a minute. Seat and battery removal takes just a few seconds.

Whether you drive a sports car, an SUV or a camper-van, the unique folding mechanism on the TravelScoot allows it to be easily transported and stored in any type of vehicle.

For transportation and storage the TravelScoot comes with it's own storage bag to protect it the hold of an aircraft, making it the perfect mobility scooter for travel.

Easily Transportable

Watch the TravelScoot being easily loaded into a small car


The compact size when folded is a huge advantage for portability, but the unrivaled low weight is even more significant. Your scooter may need to be lifted several times a day, if only to put in a vehicle or clear a curb, when every kg will make a difference.

Being an airline approved scooter, the TravelScoot is ideal for travel by air, ship, rail and public transport.

Watch the TravelScoot being easily lifted up and down stairs

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The Freedom To Go

Luggage Packed

Watch how luggage can be carried on the TravelScoot


The TravelScoot can transport more luggage, both in terms of weight and size, than any other travel mobility scooter. 

Grocery shopping has never been easier

Watch how the TravelScoot mobility scooter is being used in a grocery store while pulling an extra cart for storing additional products

Because of its extreme light weight and adjustable speed, the TravelScoot Shopper Junior model or the Junior with Lowered Seat Mid-module is well-suited for mobility-impaired youth and children. Parents who have to load and unload their child’s mobility aid from their car or public transport will find the Shopper’s unbeatable light weight is especially helpful. The Shopper’s top speed can be programmed to a slow walking speed, allowing the supervising adult to remain in constant control.

The TravelScoot mobility scooter for short-statured people

The TravelScoot Junior models can help people of short stature, who often have to contend with mobility challenges, regain their mobility. People with Achondroplasia will find it easy to reach the foot rests and hand controls.

TravelScoot For Mobility Impaired Youth and Children

What Our Customer Are Saying


Your customers may be interested that the TravelScoot is a fantastic device. I've had mine for 4 years and use it daily to get around. It weighs under 16kgs (with battery) fits in the back of our ASX Mitsubishi without folding down, and the airlines treat it in the same way they do as a pram. Most times I can ride it down the airbridge to the plane door and the ramp workers take it from there. I have travelled to Singapore, Vancouver and San Francisco using the TravelScoot and the best thing????. It fits through the cabin door on most modern Cruise Liners without having to fold it down....I would not be without mine for a day!


Nicki at MobiliseYou has been amazing. Going out of her way to get my TravelScoot to me so I could take it on holiday with me (inconveniencing herself considerably). The machine itself is brilliant - so easy to take on Airlines (just got to get a dangerous goods permit thing once a year for the battery which is easy to obtain - just provide the battery details to the airline ahead of time). Shoutout to Qantas staff here too as they made everything so easy! The battery lasts for ages and the scooter is so light & easy - getting it in and out of the car and it’s travel-bag is super easy. A fabulous machine with awesome service and backup from an amazing lady.


My husband I recently went on a cruise and took along my TravelScoot.

I used it all week on the ship and in every port that we visited.

While on the ship we had several inquires a day by passengers who thought it was a fantastic piece of mobility equipment.

At one of the ports we had to take a tender boat from the ship to the port.

The TravelScoot was the only mobility scooter allowed on the tender boat because of its compact size and weight.

We would highly recommend the Travel Scoot to anyone with limited mobility.

I used it all day and night on the ship with additional trips to the ports on the same charge with very little drain on the battery. At the end of the night we still had the full charge light showing.


The Travel Scoot has changed my husbands life. It has given him back the independence he had so sadly lost. The Travel Scoot is the only scooter light enough for me to lift into the car. My husband had accepted the fact that he would no longer be joining in family outings, but now we can hardly keep up with him. He now wears a permanent smile while zooming ahead of the crowd. Thank you Nicki for all your help. You have always followed up any questions & your after sale support is wonderful. Getting in touch with you in the 1st instance was our lucky day.


I have had my travel scoot for 2 months now and I am very pleased with the mobility and freedom it has given me. I can highly recommend the scoot to anyone with mobility problems. Nicki could not have been more helpful In helping with her service and helping me understand operating the scoot. The ease of transport of the scoot in our car is wonderful.


The Travelscoot has been great! It does everything promised and is very easy to fold away and restore for use. Thanks to Nicki for a very helpful and easy sales process.


Nicki was most helpful and gave us good advice during the demonstration and trial run. The TravelScoot is easy to load into the car and it gets used at least twice a week, often more. Really recommend this little scooter.


We got my brother one the day before a trip to Rotto....was great gave him so much freedom...he could see everything were before he couldn't walk far...a great investment....and a great price...folds up easy and not heavy...


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